It's a dark day for Pepsi! As dark as the drink itself.

Who knew, that the latest commercial by the soda beverage mogul would turn out so bad. I understand the messaging, but I do also see the problem here. We no longer live in shiny 90s, the reality today is as tough as it was during the Civil Rights Movement, not like it has changed much since then, but there was a moment of somewhat break from conflicts. You have to be always careful with political or racial messaging. I have tried to find out who is the agency behind the ad, but, so far, Pepsi takes all of the blame... I will have an update as soon as I know. Update: The spot was created by PepsiCo's in-house content creation arm, Creators League Studio.


To Technology We Pray

INORI, which from Japanese means Prayer, is a new cool video shot in collaborative work between AYABAMBI, Ishikawa Watanabe Lab, TOKYO and creative director Nobumichi Asai of visual studio WOW. This short project showcases not only the beauty but also the progression of face mapping and face tracking devices. First, it all started in the consumer world, brought by silly face swaps from Snapchat, but this year it moved forward to more complicated when during the 2016 Grammy awards, Nobumichi has projected David Bowie's' face onto Lady Gaga. But the process did not stop there. INORI showcases a different, progressive type of projection tracking that now can keep up with a swift motion; this has not been done before. While it is sure a big step forward for the technological world, it is also a huge win for the artists around the world. Can you only imagine what can be done here? 

You can see how the project was brought to life here:

And the final product is here:

We've been LonelyGilred15 again...

How many more times will current society learn a painful lesson of being doomed by social media? So many of us follow "successful" Instagram bloggers missing out on the full story behind the social media objective. We dwell on our lives, thinking that we are not good enough to be like them. But who are they? What do they do to be worshiped like that? What message do they carry? All of that is that another un tasty food for thoughts. 

This current experiment, arranged by French agency BETC, introduced Instagram's kiber society to yet another unknowingly "successful" girl. While everyone was trying to figuring out who she was, she was getting more and more followers every few minutes. However, one thing no one noticed is what type of message was the new girl carrying... and oh well... see it for yourself:

Skinny Tequila Latte!

There were two exciting pieces of news that I had received yesterday! One of them is that Tequila is actually a dietary liquor. Yes! You heard it right. Tequila is my number one choice always. Read here:

Another piece of mega news is that, finally, Starbucks will be serving alcohol in select locations. Perfecto! The only thing that I am waiting for now is for them to start serving Tequila. And you will hear me saying almost every day: Tall skinny tequila latte please! 

How are you handling your relationships with customer?

Those who know me, know that I am an idealist. When it comes down to a company’s marketing strategy, I insist on its perfection from the idea of the service or product to be offered, and all the way to the very end, when the customer receives what they were looking to purchase.

Monday appeared to be a great day for me to receive some packages that had arrived over the weekend. I wanted to share with you what I have gotten today in my mail, just to show you how companies have to handle their business.

While Asos perfected their jewelry packaging and made me feel like my $15 dollar pieces are worth $200, Popin sent me a hand written "Thank you card,” telling me how grateful they are for another $15 dollar notebook purchase. This is what matters, this is what will make me, or actually, already made me, their loyal customer. Keep it up guys!

Oscars and other thoughts!

I guess it’s useless to say, but I was expecting Di Caprio to get his Oscar finally. My dreams were shattered however. Not sure I understand why Gravity got so many Oscars. It’s not the greatest movie; there was just probably nothing better for those nominations. The best 2 were actually 12 Years A Slave and Her. Both got pretty good awards.

And this... My favorite author and blogger Seth Godin had to say this weekend - I think those are some golden words:

Never eat sushi at the airport

or sleep near a train station.

Don't ask a cab driver for theater tips.

Never buy bread from the supermarket bakery...

and don't ask your spouse for honest feedback about how you look.

Don't do business with a stranger who calls you at home during dinner.

Think twice before you ask your ad agency how many ads you should run.

And never eat the macadamia nuts in the mini bar.

Proximity is not a stand in for expertise.



Weekend recap!

A few highlights of the past weekend:

On Friday, I saw my long time friend, Norwegian musician, Alexandr Ryback. He gave a pretty awesome concert together with some little fellows from the Trinity School in Manhattan.

On Saturday I was, as usual, representing Depesha Magazine, where I work as a contributing editor, at Maserati of Manhattan. Maserati was welcoming Gnossem (Independent Designers) to New York for a preview cocktail reception. It was fun. I loved almost every dress that was presented.

Later that night, my mother and I had a few drinks at my friend’s restaurant called Robert. Robert is an amazing place; it is located at Columbus Circle. The food is delicious; drinks are even better and the view is probably the best in the city. If you have never yet been there, my advice to you is to check it out.

Sunday, I was watching the Olympic closing ceremony and can say that it was absolutely stunning. Great job Russia! I am happy that USA got second in the medal count.





New beginnings!

I felt like adding Blog to my website. It never hurts, especially when you have background in journalism. I love to write and to share interesting information. Today, for example, I have discovered this interesting advertising campaign. Even if DHL says that they don't stand behind it, they will definitely get pretty good PR out of it.